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AT Fluid Management designs and manufactures the best control systems for the swimming pools, water parks and the other water treatment fields. We listen, learn and cherish our customer’s special requirements and satisfy them with our excellent products.

UFF Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filters

AF WATER CONTROL automatic control system

UFF Jet-wash  Regenerative Media Filter

Filtration of Extremely Small Particles


Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter is a more efficient alternative to sand or D.E. filtration. It’s capable of filtering out materials as small as the 1 to 5 micron size range, while traditional sand filters can only

remove particles in the 15 to 20 micron range.

Regenerative media filter is the only category of swimming pool filter that may capture viruses since viruses are too small to be effectively captured by more traditional sand filtration,it can removal of parasites such as cryptosporidium(crypto),most of these harmful creatures will be captured and removed from the pool water. Traditional sand filters will rarely capture these tiny microorganisms (crypto is on the order of 3 to 5 microns in size).


High Level of Water Conservation


The only water loss associated with the regenerative media filter is the volume of the filter tank itself. When it is time to replace the perlite material in the tank, after several regenerative cycles, the volume of an entire tank is wasted to removal of all dirty perlite. This water loss is magnitudes less than with a traditional sand filter that requires a backwash rate generally equal to the filter flow rate for a period of 3 to 5 minutes. With a sand filter this must occur every time the filter needs to be backwashed.


Less fuel and chemicals lost

Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter reduces the tremendous amount of backwash water associated with sand filter operation. This dramatic reduction of backwash waste directly translates to savings in chemicals and fuels for reheating associated make-up water.


Energy Savings

Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter operates at lower head pressure throughout the filter cycle reducing power demand. And the elimination of backwash waste associated with sand filtration provides significant wastewater treatment savings.


Space and Construction savings

Compare with traditional sand filters, Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter has more effective filter area. In the same filter area, Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter takes up 1/4 to 1/6 of the space required by an equivalently sized sand system. This saves both space and construction costs.


Long payback period

Above all, Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter can have a payback period of just a few years because of the ongoing cost savings. After the payback period has been reached, the aquatic facility should enjoy continued savings.

Many factors go into determining the payback period you may or may not realize from use of Jet-wash ® Regenerative Media Filter.  Add to the savings on back-washing heated water, along with the associated loss of chemicals


15 years warranty

Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter uses high-performance drinking water quality 304 stainless steel and PET flex tubes, neither oxidative or chloride mediated corrosion processes won't affected it in swimming pool filter and re-circulation systems.

The tank has self-cleaning function, we provide 15 years warranty for it.


Automatic controller with remote access ability

Jet-wash Regenerative Media Filter contains AFCONTROL automatic control system which using a 10” high resolution LCD touch screen control panel with on screen menus to make operation quick and easy.

AFCONTROL automatic control system provides a platform for data collection like filter pressures, water flow rates, events and faults that is stored both locally within each unit and in I-cloud based servers for later analysis. With information and control you can achieve the most efficient operations, saving energy, chemicals and labor.

AFCONTROL automatic control system also has remote access ability, this enable to monitor and control by your computer, tablet and smart phone. Remote access ability assists our technicians in operator training, fault diagnosis and keeping your filters or water park operating.

Talk with our friendly sales team for other requirements, we can build a pump controller to your specifications.

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