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AT Fluid Management designs and manufactures the best control systems for the swimming pools, water parks and the other water treatment fields. We listen, learn and cherish our customer’s special requirements and satisfy them with our excellent products.

UFF JET WASH Regenerative Media Filter Automatic Controller
Filter Controller.png
  • Automatic filtration controller controls up to 4 filter cells

  • 1 or 2 filter circulation pumps

  • Pressure monitoring for pump inlet and outlet

  • Inverter variable speed control for filtration pumps

  • Pressure monitoring for each filter inlet and outlet

  • Remote access via desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

  • Event and fault logging Operation logging

  • On screen user speed control

  • Outlet pressure speed control

  • Flow protection for all pumps

  • Control for heater and chemical booster pumps

  • Can be integrated with 24 Hour online water quality detection and chemical dosing controller

  • Easy to use touch screen interface

  • Full integrated with our optional flow meters

  • Factory testing and certification Email alerts for faults

Talk with our friendly sales team for other requirements, we can build a automatic filtration controller to your specifications.

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