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AT Fluid Management designs and manufactures the best control systems for the swimming pools, water parks and the other water treatment fields. We listen, learn and cherish our customer’s special requirements and satisfy them with our excellent products.

Water Analyzer and Chemical Dosing Controller
  • 24 Hours online testing pH/ORP or PH/ORP/TDS or PH/ORP/FAC

  • Flow cell with flow control and flow switch

  • Our Automatic water quality monitoring and chemical dosing controllers are delivered complete ready to install. Each unit is factory tested and calibrated.

  • A 7inch touch screen interface shows all current data and machine operations. Extensive data collection is easily displayed in an on-screen graph so the operators can quickly visualise their water chemistry.

  • Flexible dosing setup means this unit is suitable to all size water bodies from very small to Olympic size pools.

  • Each unit is equipped with multiple outputs to suit any type of available dosing pump or salt water electro-chlorination unit.

  • Chemical levels can be monitored via the inbuilt inputs to warn operators when chlorine or acid is running low.

  • To protect against over dosing of either chlorine or acid a time limit can be set for each day on acid or chlorine dosing.

  • Automatic water quality monitoring and chemical dosing controller comes with remote access and alerts to assist the operators both on-site or remotely.

  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) measurement can be linked to optional units to dilute dangerous levels either to waste or through other non-potable usage like toilets       

Talk with our friendly sales team for other requirements, we can build a chemical dosing controller to your specifications.

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